The writing of a Master’s thesis is generally preceded by several years of intensive study of the chosen discipline. The special thing about Master’s graduates is that many of the students go into work after successfully completing their bachelor’s thesis and completing a master’s degree. Often, the master’s degree is part-time.

By writing the Master’s Thesis, a student would not only want to achieve a higher academic degree but, in comparison to the Bachelor’s Thesis, would like to demonstrate additional expertise and skills in academic and empirical work. Within a master’s thesis, therefore, an empirical part is usually required within which the students conduct their own empirical research project, i. plan, implement, evaluate and formulate findings from it. This includes, for example.

  • the formulation of research question and project
  • setting the research method
  • the design of questionnaires or interview guides
  • conducting test surveys,
  • the selection and definition of the most representative sample possible
  • the contact of possible participants, reminder and ensuring the highest possible number of participants
  • the evaluation of the obtained data as well
  • the derivation of knowledge

This often presents many students, especially those studying part-time, with enormous challenges in terms of the time, staff and content of the Master Thesis and its empirical part.

We specialize in assisting students during their studies. For this purpose, we take over the complete or partial organization and implementation of the Master Thesis in the area of ​​Ghostwriting Master Thesis. Important subareas are, analogously complementing Ghostwriting Bachelor Thesis the acquisition of:

  • Theme planning and literature research
  • Exposé creation and formulation of an outline
  • complete or partial formulation of the theoretical texts
  • Advice on or acceptance of the formulation and planning of the research project
  • Advice and support in carrying out the research (survey, interviews)
  • Appraisal (editing or proofreading) of created texts

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